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Our Annual Plans

    Choose the annual plan that works best for you or call us for custom options!

* No charge for travel to your site within 15 miles of Eau Claire Memorial High School. All miles beyond 15 miles billed at 0.50¢/mile

** If at all possible, please call between 8 am and 8 pm.  

Goal Setting, Planning, Site Analysis: 1-2 hour initial consultation at your growing site. We review what your production goals are and analyze the feasibility of your growing site to meet those goals. Discuss plant spacing, number of plants/seeds necessary tomeet your goals.

Understanding Your Soil: Grow your soil! We provide instructions for how to take soil samples for testing of pH, nutrient levels and soil structure, and provide recommendations for where to send your samples. (Costs for Soil tests can vary from $35-85.) We go over your results with you and help you determine how to create an optimal growing environment!

Making a Detailed Planting Plan: We help YOU create your plan by providing abundant resources. We’ll review your first draft and keep providing suggestions until it looks good to both of us!   We can do it for you, but then what about next year…..

Site Preparation: We provide detailed instructions on how to prepare your site for planting that includes how to incorporate the amendments that are needed based on your soil tests!

Planting, Mulching, Weeding, Watering: 1-2 hour consultation at your growing site. Let us help you get your plants off to a great start. We’ll come, if you want us to, and help you get your plants and seeds in the ground! We review optimal ways/timing for weeding and watering your plants!

Troubleshooting: Plantings not growing like you expected?? Send us photos.   Let’s skype or facetime and try and figure out what is going on!

Harvesting and Preserving: Detailed instructions on how and when to harvest crops in order to maximize productivity from your site. Come to our farm for free classes on freezing and canning your produce!

On-site Visits:1 hour consultation at your growing site, one time per month June, July and August! We’ll check in with you during the first week of the month to set up a time when we can come out to help.

Call anytime with questions: We’re here for you!   Have any concerns or questions….just give us a call. If we don’t answer, we promise to return your call within 24 hours.

We’re committed to helping you succeed! For FRUIT and FLOWER customers, we provide one hour of free consulting the following season to help you continue on your path to food independence!