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All orders are picked/packed on Mondays for pick-up at the Sunbow Farm Stand on Mondays from 4-6 pm (May - October)! Please order before noon on Mondays to be certain we have your order ready. 

If you would like to order between November and April, just email your order and we'll work out a pick-up -

5% WI sales tax is included in all non-food items.

Potatoes - Red

Small red potatoes for boiling and roasting!  Delicious.  Sold by the pound

Sold Out

Bunch of about 8-15 scallions.  

Available: 5

Green gems!  Great for making salsa! By the pint.

Available: 3
Tomatoes - Paste

Combination of Heinz and Bellstar paste tomatoes.  Small - perfect for cooking.  By the pound

Available: 8
Tomatoes - Slicer

By the pound

Available: 5
Yellow Squash

Bunch of two or three depending on size - about 1 lb.  

Available: 4
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